Horton plains

Horton plains is situated in the high lands of the Central province,32 km from Nuwara Eliya. This is the highest plateau in the country. It is at a highest of about 2300 metres. this was discovered by sir Robert Horton. the park which is 3160 hectares was declared a national park in 1988. the average temperatuer of Horton plains is 15 c – 22 c with frequently occurring mists and clouds. Horton plains is fed from north – east and south – west monsoons as well as inter monsoonal rains. It gets about 5000 mm rainfall annually. Horton plains is the most important catchment area of the country. Three major rivers of the country start from this area, namely : Kelani, Walawe and the Mahaweli. Due to the high altitude the area is cold. the park consists of forests and grasslands with a rich biodiversity. It is home to a wide variety of endemic fauna and flora. Among the 24 species of mammals,elk, deer, giant squirrel, wild boar, otter, porcupine and leopard are considered special. the bird diversity is also high with 87 species of birds including migratory birds. The park is also famous for beautiful flowers. Nelli, bovitiya, Binara, dwarf bamboo and some orchid species are endemic. However, most endemic species are extinct due to poaching and carelessness of visitors. Horton plains also feature many interesting  attractions such as the ‘Baker’s Falls’, ‘Chimmini pool’ and the famous ‘World’s End’  is a sheer drop of 3700 feet that offers a fabulous view all the way out to the distant southern coastline. We must take necessary steps to protect this treasure for the future generations.

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